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About Us

The Israel Association of Community Centers (IACC), founded in 1969, is affiliated with the Ministry of Education and Culture. It is led by an executive council whose members are public representatives and representatives of national and local authorities and various public institutions.

Approximately 160 Community Centers operate throughout Israel – in development towns and underprivileged neighborhoods, major cities, local and regional councils, and among Jewish and non-Jewish populations. Many community centers have branches spread throughout communities. 

With the expansion of IACC's network in Israel, its community centers were divided into geographic districts. Each district is directed by a district manager, whose role is to guide and accompany the director of the community center, its staff and local management, on a range of relevant issues, as well as maintain contact with authorities and organizations in the region. The district manager is assisted by professional instructors and financial consultants.

Vision and Mission


Board of Directors

Organizational Structure

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