"Time To Talk" within the Community
in the spirit of President Herzog's vision


Israeli society has experienced unprecedented, deeply disturbing social division in recent months. Polarization and alienation within our society is increasing and the sense of solidarity and shared destiny that has always been the bedrock of our society is coming undone. This menacing development can be seen and felt in all dimensions of our lives: in the press, social networks, community settings and even around the family table. A sense of loss, confusion, and foreboding hovers above and creeps into every casual conversation, every workday, strategic decision.



In response to this dire predicament in which we all find ourselves, IACC has taken it upon itself to attain the following goals. We will:

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The Key Elements of Our Program

 1. An extensive public campaign  inviting the public to take responsibility, to commit to creating connections, and to use respectful language. The public campaign will operate on a national and local level to encourage residents to take responsibility for ensuring respectful discourse. The campaign will promote action in several ways, including co-creating large-scale ‘visual landscapes’ ("Israeli graffiti"), large-scale singing and cultural event(s), and nationwide events and forums to catalyze connections amongst leaders (such as a Leaders' Conference led by the President, IACC, and strategic partners.